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estela Web

This project is created using React Framework (along with Ant Design) and Typescript. This module implements a user-friendly environment that communicates with the estela API and lets you manage your spiders and scraping projects. OpenApi is used to easily generate documentation from metadata.

Local Setup

Set .env.local using the .env.local.example file where:

  • REACT_APP_API_BASE_URL: The base API URL where the estela API is deployed.

To run the app, use yarn install. Then, you can:

  • Run in dev mode, use yarn dev.
  • Run the linter, use yarn lint.
  • To generate or update the API client, you need to paste the API swagger file (api.yaml) in the estela-web/ directory. Then, use yarn generate-api.
  • To build the app, use yarn build.