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The project needs a Docker image registry and a place to save uploaded projects in order to work. The credentials module will take care of calling the appropriate methods to access both the registry and the place where the projects are saved, fetching any required credentials.

We currently support credentials for AWS (which will use AWS ECR as its container registry) and local credentials (which will use a local registry container which runs as a docker container and minio for project storage).

Suppose you want to use other services for the registry container and project storage. In that case, you need to define a new credentials as a class. Add your credentials in credentials/ with a name:

def Credentials(plataform):
    credentials = {
        "aws": AWSCredentials,
        "gcp": GCPCredentials,
        "local": LocalCredentials,
        "your_credentials": YourCredentials,

    return credentials[plataform]()

The use of specific credentials is defined in the project settings as an environment variable at config/settings/


Credentials interface:

Your credentials class should ideally inherit from the base Credentials class and implement the following methods:

  • __init__(self): Here you should set any required secrets and configurations in the credentials attribute. E.g., self.credentials["AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"] = settings.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID.
  • get_registry_token(self): It should return the token required to access the container registry. In case no token is required, it may return None.
  • download_project(self, bucket_name, project_name): It should implement the logic to download an object (project) from a specific bucket.
  • upload_project(self, project_name, project_obj): It should implement the logic to upload a project object (ZIP file) to the projects bucket.
  • get_credentials(self): It should return the credentials member, which should contain all required secrets.

You can take the AWSCredentials class as an example.